Plenty is coming

Coler is a research and strategy consultancy working with studios and brands to ask better questions, re-define purposes and pioneer new practices to drive commercial results

What We Do

We are experts at working with pioneers and mavericks on first-of-its-kind design and business concepts that becomes thriving brands in a kinder future.

Our specialism is in building premium experience, services and products tailored for design-driven and thoughtful lifestyles.

We can help XS brand to get started and XL brands to innovate and everybody in between who commits to their curiosity and looking to reflect and change.

Selected Clients
Jaguar Land Rover, Lynk& Co, NIO, Geely, Kellogg's, Huawei and Dell Technologies

Case studies available upon request


Equity-Centred Community Design guides our process to create solutions that build humility, empathy and healing to achieve sustainable community growth.

Circularity is key to our design thinking. Our solutions account the whole life cycle of our designs. Our priority is always to give first before taking from others.

Action Research is the most statistically demanding form of qualitative research design. Our work uses action research principles to make sure our insights never left you powerless to action.

Plentiful Mindset introduces criticality and accountability into our way of working. This situates us in a framework of action to build radical kinship (Haraway, 2016) by seeking the complexity of nuanced lived experience to inform commercial design practices.

Size of the Fight

We are here for people with matching imagination, grit and accountability.

Not here to twist your problems into the same shape as your competitors and charge you less. We don't race to the bottom.

We are smarter than your average and know our worth.

Seriously one-of-its-kind problems only.

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Psst...we work in Mandarin Chinese, English and some Nordic languages